Kai Heikkilä

Career story

Kai Heikkilä, Mechanical Supervisor in Italy

Working in Italy

How long and how did you end up working at Tekniq?

I joined Tekniq Oy in January 2020.

What are you by education?

I am a work technician by training, and for much of my career I have been a shift maintenance technician for over 15 years.

As an LNG expert/service technician, I worked for 6 years before coming to Italy. That is, there is also solid work experience in the gas sector.

The HSE supervisor training has also been completed, but very few of those tasks have been completed.

In which different countries have you worked so far?

Finland, Holland and Italy. Hopefully, there will be many more great new experiences.

In Finland, we had been in all three different LNG terminals, the construction and commission phases for about 6.5 years.

What are you doing at the moment and where?

Mechanical Supervisor and currently I am in Italy, specifically in Piombino where Wärtsilä is building three machine power plants. At the moment, there are six of us Tekniq employees on the site at the same time, which is a large number.

What is it like to work in an international environment and how many different nationalities are you on site and how many roughly?

The work is challenging and meaningful. I have been working for over six years in an international environment now, even now we have 7 different nationalities in Site Management. Contractors will probably add  the same amount  if not  more.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Every day is different and there has not yet been a single morning, that one is not willing to leave in the morning for work. Our colleagues at both Tekniq and Wärtsilä have been very cooperative, and even in the evenings we have spent time together eating.

What do you do in your free time to work abroad?

At the moment I’ve been lucky to have my wife and dog involved. My wife decided to take 6 months of job alternation leave and come along. There are common hobbies, the dog, of course, as well as swimming almost every day. On weekends we have toured the surrounding areas and even stayed overnight in small villages. The rotational leave, which is just coming to an end, we spent traveling east and west coast of Italy. For four days we also toured the island of Sicily.

What qualities are required to work in an international environment?

Perseverance, sense of humor and tolerance. Get to know the local way of doing things, not everything goes as we expect.

Are you and your well-being at work taken care of at Tekniq and how?

Yes, occupational health care, trainings and communication works whenever there is a need. Everything has gone brilliantly during this almost three years of experience.

Something else interesting for our potential job seekers for information?

For new applicants, I warmly recommend accepting a possible job through Tekniq. Everything is taken care of, and it is easy to go to work on the project, there is no need to worry about anything.

We have a good spirit among Tekniq employees. Likewise, you get to call old colleagues wherever you work.