Career story

Pertti Puurula, Electrical Supervisor

From Finland, working in El Salvador

I ended up at Tekniq about a year and a half ago when I was looking for opportunities to work abroad in power plant projects.


I graduated from the School of Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa in 2019. I’m an electrical engineer by profession.

Already during my studies, I got to know projects abroad, which ignited a spark for these jobs. During and after my studies, I have been involved in various projects in Argentina, Mexico, Jordan and Indonesia.


At the moment, I’m in El Salvador on a power plant construction site overseeing the electrical work.

Working in an international environment is sometimes challenging, but extremely interesting and instructive. There may well be 10 different nationalities on the same site, and the size of the site may vary from a few dozen to 1,000 people.

The great thing about these jobs is the proximity to work and the fact that you can influence the progress of things yourself. On the electricity side, you can see the whole spectrum of electricity from low voltage to high voltage, and every day you learn something new.

This work requires punctuality, a brisk attitude from the employee, and the ability to adapt to different and changing circumstances.


In my free time, depending on the circumstances, I try to enjoy sports and on my days off it is nice to visit local attractions, for example.

Tekniq as an employer

Tekniq takes excellent care of its employees and the connection to Finland is smooth and effortless.