Career Story

Ricser Pajaren, Electrical Supervisor from Philippines

Working in Indonesia

About myself:

I came from a humble beginning, from remote village in Philippines. I studied BS Electrical Engineering, succeeded, graduated, and acquired Philippine license for Registered Electrical Engineer.


I have started working as small contracts doing house and building wirings locally. I joined international company and started travelling abroad in 2006. Since then, I have travelled and work in many countries, Africa, Middle East and Asia. I was supposed to go back local job in 2018, until Tekniq hired me in 2019. I am always driven by work challenge and time pressure. The best feeling about this nature of work is that when you see you project finally running and done, the feeling is extra ordinary comforting and relaxing.

Working in Tekniq:

I have started at Tekniq in 2019, Manokwari 20MW project. Then move to Biak2 10MW commissioning. After Biak, Customer transferred me to Sumbagut 2 250MW Peaker power plant Commissioning. Just before the project is completed, pandemic strikes and spooked the whole world. Went back home and standby for a long time and waiting for vaccine. December 2021, back to work, assigned in Toledo 20MW BESS project.

February 2022, transferred assignment to 140MW PT Freeport Indonesia Commissioning, until present.

Free time:

Free time at work is talking to my family, even though I am far from home most of the time, I still raised my children the best way I can but remotely. When I am in hometrip, I spend my time having long ride with my adventure bike. Riding my bike releases all tensions and feeling the sense of freedom, free from all pressure and problems.