Close up of a coworkers working on a project

Dear Reader,

My name is Jyrki Lahti and I am the co-founder and CEO of Tekniq. I would like to tell you personally our company’s story. There have been many challenges and even sorrow along the journey to where we are today. We have made excellent progress and today we enjoy great accomplishments and joy. We have managed to build a successful business that offers highly interesting job opportunities for dozens of people and provides great support to large international corporations. Over the years, Tekniq has found its heart and its core business, and we are all proud of it. I believe that our journey has just begun. Welcome aboard.

Our roots hail back to 2007

The company was established as a subsidiary of K-Service Vaasa Oy in 2015 by engineers Karl Phillips (known as Kalle) and me, Jyrki Lahti. Tekniq’s main focus was to support international corporations in their worldwide projects, during construction and manufacturing audits and inspection (2ndand 3rd party) for the equipment installed in those projects.

The roots of K-Service Vaasa began in 2007 when I bought all the shares of the company K-Service Huolto Svens & Bäck (established in 1987) and renamed it K-Service Vaasa. The company mainly offered maintenance services to local businesses at that time. We had a main contract with Kesko (which is where the K in the company name came from), being their approved Service partner in Ostrobothnia for their imported machinery.

In 2013, K-Service acquired shares of its neighbour company Hiomo Isokangas, which ran a diesel service, machining and engine repair workshop.

First one-year contracts in 2008

K-Service made its first annual agreement with Wärtsilä Corporation in 2008. I supported their Energy Solution department with some of their projects abroad, while working with the local services mentioned above. While local services were still also managed.

It became a bit difficult to handle it all, which is why we joined forces with Mr Phillips. He became a shareholder of K-Service Vaasa Oy in 2013 quite soon after the acquisition of Hiomo Isokangas. We held the shares 50/50 between us.

Mr Phillips (later Kalle) started to work on International projects, and we made other annual agreements with ABB. His knowledge, especially about manufacturing audits, was well known and that kept him busy. I continued with local services and also with Energy Solution projects.

Tekniq was born in 2015

After working hard together, the company started to have more and more projects. The international project business was growing, which we were happy about, even if cash flow was a bit challenging at that time.

We came to the conclusion that it would be best to separate the project business and local services. Tekniq was established in the summer of 2015. Kalle came up with the name and I liked it, so that was an easy decision.

Great loss, new direction

In the autumn of 2015, Kalle suddenly passed away at the age of 51. It was a great loss. Additionally, the timing was difficult, as we were just starting and trying to move forward with our company and its loans and investments.

After this, I decided to concentrate fully on Tekniq and got rid of the local business units. They were sold in three different business divestments. After that, step by step, Tekniq’s business started to pick up. After a couple of tough years, we were slowly moving forward. We were able to support our clients to their satisfaction and received more work. We performed our work happily and professionally.

Personnel’s job satisfaction guarantees motivation

Since the beginning, our personnel’s job satisfaction has been extremely important to us. We have taken care of their admin and training. It is apparent to us that the more satisfied they are with their employer, the more motivated and focused they are when working on projects. And as we know, today these projects are more challenging than ever.

There is a lot of high tech, rules and regulations, bureaucracy and expectations to be fulfilled. We take care of these things properly, and our employees have rewarded us by staying in the company from year to year. This has made it much easier to help them develop their know-how and competence, by offering them training and coordinating compelling work for them.

Offices opening around the world

During these years of Tekniq’s story, the company has grown into a real House of Competence. We have become a recruiting and resource management company with offices not only in Vaasa and Tampere in Finland, but also in Germany, Italy, the Philippines, Colombia, Sweden, Norway and the USA.

This means that we are able to support our customers globally, not only supplying competence, but also solutions for mobilisation and other project services abroad, while having the agility to be quickly available when needed. We are especially happy to support our customers in building a more sustainable planet.

Sincerely yours,

Jyrki Lahti