Close up of a coworkers working on a project

Project Management and Consultancy

We have a wide range of professionals covering different technical disciplines, including consultancy, installation supervision, commissioning, and structural engineering.

Close up of a coworkers working on a project

Quality Management and Industrial Inspections

Our QA/QC engineers ensure that determined quality control measures are followed. They identify problems, propose plausible solutions, and implement those solutions to achieve the objectives of the project. We also have professional quality auditors and inspectors as well as welding inspectors.

Close up of a coworkers working on a project

Recruitment and Competence

We seek out the best possible competences for your project. We hire employees with valuable industrial know-how and practical experience.

Close up of a coworkers working on a project

HSE Management and Supervision

Our HSE engineers develop safety policies to minimise risks, outline safety procedures, and ensure regulatory compliance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations. They explain how to prevent accidents, implement safety plans, and respond to emergencies. They also use their knowledge of environmental laws to review practices and devise processes to address the impact of a company’s operation on the environment.

Close up of a coworkers working on a project

Construction Management and Supervision

Our personnel consist of many highly skilled construction management and supervision professionals who can join any kind of project.


Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Management

We have experts in civil, electrical and mechanical management categories. Thanks to our high requirements of qualification and continuous training, we ensure a high level of professionalism.

Why choose Tekniq


Trusted company

We are trusted and certified company operating with highly skilled experts around the world.


Our own resources

We take care of our own personnel giving them the best prerequisites and support to do their work.


Flexible partner

We are flexible and agile partner in project, commissioning and construction management.


International Mobility

We have employees all over the globe and long experience of visa, work permit and administration arrangements.

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