Vaasa Insider – News of Tekniq


Tekniq story in the latest Vaasa Insider economy and business news, in Swedish.

The article is about Tekniq as a company and our significant growth over the past year. Tekniq is a consultancy company offering also services like project management and various supervising services. Tekniq has also invested in new office premises in Vaasa, which is the home office of Tekniq. Last year Tekniq’s sales was 8 milj. euros. This year the target is 14 milj. euros. At the moment Tekniq employs over 80 employees all over the world. In addition the office personnel. Tekniq is constantly hiring employees and no matter where you live in the world. Also local growth in Vaasa and in Finland is important to Tekniq. Tekniq was founded in Vaasa in 2015. The roots are older than that, with a different name and little bit different focus.


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